Petition to promote New Approach Methodologies for biomedical research in Italy

It is about time to change research strategy in the 21st century: accelerating the Growth of Human Based and human Relevant Life
Sciences in Italy

If you are a biomedical researcher, a scientist interested in supporting the promotion and application of non-animal, New Approach Methodologies (NAMs), or if you are a representative of any italian or international life science-related institution, please use the form below to sign the petition/ open letter, through which we will ask the Italian Government to support and promote the New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) and human based biomedical research.


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Among the first signatories of the Manifesto/ open letter promoted by OSA we mention the following exponents of the international Scientific Community:

  • Aysha Akhtar, Neurologist, PhD, CEO and Public Health Specialist at Center for Contemporary Sciences
  • Jarrod Bailey, genetist, PhD in Viral Genetics, Director of the Center for Contemporary Sciences
  • Emanuela Maderna, Master degree in Biology, PhD in Clinical Pathology, Researcher
  • Anna Maria Bassi, Master degree Biological Sciences, Department Experimental Medicine, University of Genova, Italy
  • Ernesto Burgio, Pediatrician, ECERI Scientific Committee (Bruxelles)
  • Corina Gericke, veterinarian surgeon, executive board member of Doctors Against Animal Experiments – DAAE
  • Kathrin Herrmann, PhD in Biomedical Sciences, John Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing – CAAT (Baltimore, USA)
  • Lindsay Marshall, Biologist, PhD, Biomedical Science Advisor – Research & Toxicology – Humane Society International (HSI) Europe
  • Roberto Mucelli, Master Degree in Applied Psychology, Master degree in Philosophical Science, Contract Professor of Bioethics and Clinical Model of Addictions , University la Sapienza, Rome Italy
  • Vincenzo Pietrantonio, Medical doctor/ professor at University of Padua (Italy)
  • Alessandro Polini, PhD, Researcher at CNR (CNR-NANOTEC) and Lush Prize 2018 winner
  • Costanza Rovida, Master in Chemistry, Scientific Officer at Center for Alternative to Animal Testing – CAAT Europe
  • Marco Straccia, Master degree in Biology/PhD in Neuroscience, CEO of SCIENCE&STRATEGY SL
  • Kristie Sullivan, Master of Public Health in Toxicology, PhD, vice President of Research Policy with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine PCRM
  • Catherine Willett, PhD, Senior Director, Science & Regulatory Affairs, Humane Society International (HSI) Europe
  • Maria Grazia Cascone, Master Degree in Biological Science/PhD in Biomaterials, Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Professor, University of Pisa
  • Chantra Eskes, PhD in Toxicology
  • Samuel Girgis, PhD in Novel Antitumor/Anticancer/Metastatic Nano-therapeutics
  • Giovanni Tadolini, Psichologyst/Ethologist, Proessor of Psichology and Neuroscience
  • Jan Turner, PhD Genetic Toxicology, Director of Safer Medicines Trust (UK)

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