OSA is an italian ONG whose main purpose is to promote innovative, responsible, and ethically sustainable scientific research through the contribution of highly qualified scientific inputs, striving to the fullest extent through its members, for the promotion of a new paradigm of research that involves overcoming animal experimentation and inadequate traditional approaches in favor of the development and integrated application of alternative and replacement methodologies to animal testing, more relevant to human biology. All in favor of a less reductionist and more comprehensive vision of biology, the development of personalized and precision medicine, as well as more effective disease prevention, in line with the most recent scientific evidence.

The symbol of OSA is a hummingbird because we were inspired by a parable… A fable tells that during a forest fire, while all the animals were fleeing, a hummingbird flew in the opposite direction with a drop of water in its beak.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” asked the lion. “I’m going to put out the fire,” replied the little bird. “With a drop of water?” said the lion. And the hummingbird, continuing its flight, replied: “I’m doing my part.”

Changing Oneself to change the world: each of us can do his part to promote scientifically sound and ethically sustainable biomedical research!

Board of Directors

Director of the Board
Dr. Maria Concetta Digiacomo, MD
General medicine Doctor
Founder Member
Prof. Federica Nin,
Dr. Aldo Edoardo Sismondo, MSC
Electric engineer
Founder member
Dr. Oscar Grazioli
Board Member
Dr. Stefano Cagno, MD
Physician / hospital manager, specialist in psychiatry
Board Member/Vice President
Dr. Gabriella Errico, MD
Physician / Specialist in Pediatrics and Neonatology
Board Member
Prof. Roberto Mucelli,
Contract Professor of Bioethics and Clinical Model of Addictions Sapienza Rome University