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Collaborations and initiatives

Survey on the use of animal-derived materials and reagents in scientific experimentation Video

LOOK AT OUR VIDEO, and please fill in and distribute our survey ! We aim to stimulate awareness, understanding, and SOLUTIONS on use & substitution of commonly used animal-derived materials and reagents like antibodies in in vitro ​cell and tissue culture testing.What is the current level of knowledge on available animal-free​ alternatives in life science biomedical, […]

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Books and other resources

New Approach Methodologies/Human-Based Research Cassotta M, Marchi V. The new frontiers of Science. Experimental models for 21st century-biomedical research. Edited by Aracne; 2019. (Text in Italian) Ward, S. And. (2015), Human‐Based Systems for Translational Research. […]


The importance of human-based research

Human-based research covers a wide range of innovative methodologies and biotechnology or New Methodological Approaches (NAM), relevant to humans as they use advanced current knowledge on human biology, to study diseases and develop safe and effective drugs in humans, recognizing the importance of species-specificity. […]