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Mission //

O.S.A. promotes a scientifically sound and ethically sustainable biomedical research.

The Association aims to provide members of the public, patients, journalists, policy makers, teachers and students, rigorous information about human-based biomedical research, New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) and why it's a scientific necessity for the advancement of human medicine to move away from an animal-focused research.


Our aims:

  1. Illustrate to the public the progress of animal-free biomedical research  (in vitro, in silico, etc.), through publications, social media, magazines, seminars, meetings and in any other useful way;

  2. Contribute to the spread of human-based methods within the scientific community, in line with the emerging paradigm of biomedical research of the 21st century;

  3. Strive to make the study of human-based methods compulsory in Academia;

  4. Contribute to the public debate on scientific criticism of animal experimentation, organizing conferences, meetings and any other public opportunity for discussion on the topic, useful for stimulating the debate and critical thinking;

  5. Inform the public about non-scientific reasons underlying the reliance on animal models to study human conditions and responses, despite (scientific) evidence of their inadequacy;

  6. Provide the public with rigorous and documented informations about the dangers deriving from an over-reliance on traditional (animal or too simplistic in vitro) models and the advantages that could derive from a human-based, human-relevant approach;

  7. Raise the necessary funds to make the above activities possible and to set up scholarships / bursary dedicated to students and researchers who  wish to devote their studies to animal-free research and animal replacement.

Proposals, suggestions and all stimuli coming from individuals, organizations, communities and institutional subjects with the same purposes, are welcome. 


Because O.S.A. must serve to provide appropriate scientific advice not only and not so much against this practice, but far beyond, towards New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) which are more human-relevant than animals. NAMs are in part already concrete and usable, in part developable and improvable. Working together, we will accelerate innovation and create positive change.

O.S.A. undertakes to provide scientifically accurate information from international scientific literature and to spraed data and material from reliable and verifiable sources.