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O.S.A is a non-profit Italian Association that recognizes the human relevance and translational limitations of the current paradigm in biomedical research and drug discovery, and the need for change.  We bring together scientists, researchers, graduated in medicine, veterinary, biology, psychology, pharmacology, etc. and volunteers to promote human-based and human-relevant alternatives to animal use in research, testing, and education.

We aim to provide members of the public, patients, policy makers, journalists, teachers and students, scientifically accurate, evidence-based information about human-based / human-relevant research and why it's a scientific necessity for the advancement of human medicine to move away from conventional research paradigm, and start implementing modern technologies.

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The flight of the Hummingbird

The symbol of O.S.A. is a hummingbird because we were inspired by a parable ...

A story tells that, during

a forest fire while

all the animals ran away,

a hummingbird flew in the opposite direction

with a drop of water in its beak.

"What do you think you're doing ?!"

the lion asked him.

"I'm going to put out the fire."

replied the little bird.

"With a drop of water?"

said the lion.

And the hummingbird, continuing the flight,

replied, "I do my part."

Each of us in his own small way can do his part to change things. Each of us can do something to promote a more scientifically sound and ethical research.

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