O.S.A is a no profit Italian association founded by
graduated in medicine, veterinary, biology,
psychology, pharmacology, etc. Some work in the academic sector, others in hospital or
research sector.
The mission of this organization is improving biomedical research in our country. The main
target is to accelerate the change of pre-clinic research from animal model to other
models, with protocols and results more relevant for humans and respectful of our
As a matter of fact, the traditional trying to reproduce human diseases into lab animals
has been used for tens of years in research areas like neoplasia , dementia, Parkinson,
cardiovascular, auto immune diseases, infertility…with very high rate of failure.
Today, the number of human pathologies missing a proper pharmacological treatment is
OSA association, on the line exposed in many recent studies criticizing the use of animal
model for research, proposes to obtain pre-clinic data from human based research, being
sure that the technologically advanced study using cells and tissues of human origin will
produce basic data much more reliable and precise, compared with extrapolation of
useless results obtainable by materials of animal origin so different from human species at
genetic and epigenetic levels.
For this purpose OSA is proposing the donation of cells, tissues and organs pre and after
death, for research purposes as well as spread information on alternative /substitutive
methods in the scientist community, and is organizing informative conferences on results
obtainable by new methodologies.